For over 30 years, researchers have been developing an effective, modern traction system. This system is based on a traction principle used for over 2000 years by different cultures around the world. They have proven that when a body part is stretched over a long period of time, new cells will begin to grow in the spaces between the tissue cells. This is part of the healing process, and these new cells can cause a lengthening and strengthening of the body part. When used as directed, the Al-Extender can cause stretching in the skin, ligaments, blood vessels, tendons, tunica, and penile tissues within the penis. The erectile tissue, which is called the corpora cavernosa, also begins to increase in size, along with the blood vessels that fill the penis to achieve an erection.

The Al-Extender is a light-weight medical device that is worn on the penis for several hours each day to provide a gentle stretching over time. This sensation is of simple, gentle tension. The penis extender device is placed around the penis, and extender bars are used to appropriately fit the penis to create a comfortable, natural feeling.

The Penis Extender Process

The user will slide the penile extender onto the penis until it reaches the base. The support pieces or straps are attached to the spring-loaded extender bars. The rubber band or strap at the top of the device is placed under the head of the penis, and according to the size of the device with the extender bars, the traction force will be automatically adapted.

Studies have shown that if your body is warm when you begin the process, the penis extender will work more quickly, similar to when you warm up before you work out. Recommended usage for beginners is a total of 4 hours per day, divided up into several short sessions. As you become accustomed to the Al-Extender, it can be worn up to 6 hours each day. One to 2 hour breaks should be implemented between uses. If you decide to wear your Al-Extender overnight, set your alarm so you can remove the device to avoid overuse.

We also recommend eating a healthy diet with at least 30 grams of protein and greens in order to facilitate blood cell recovery. After all, you would eat healthily to support any other exercise regimen, right? If you decide to discontinue your use of the Al-Extender, gradually slow down your use rather than stopping all at once. In order to keep the extra length and width you have gained, reduce the usage by one-third each week until you are using it for 1 hour each day. After 2 to 3 weeks, stop using the product to maintain your penis enlargement.

At Al-Extender, we are just as concerned for your health and safety as you are. If you experience bruising or broken capillaries, this is a sign of overuse. If this occurs, or if you find red marks, wait a few days before you use your out Al-Extender again. Don't forget, this is a gradual process, and too much practice doesn't necessarily make perfect!

We Guarantee Our Results

With proper usage, you will find that the technology behind Al-Extender is effective for permanent, effective penile enlargement. Scientific studies have found the traction method to be effective, which sets this apart from all the pills, supplements, creams, and other unsuccessful methods on the market. Our customer service representatives are always available for any questions or concerns you may have. We are confident that you and your partner will love the results, and we stand behind our 60 day money back guarantee.